PPC Marketing

Pay per Click (PPC)only pay when a user actually clicks on an ad

pay per clickPay per click (PPC) Management is an advertising model used on search engines, advertising networks, and content websites/blogs where advertisers only pay when a user actually clicks on an ad to visit the advertiser’s website.

At RITC, our experienced pay-per-click (PPC) management team has proven results launching, structuring & managing your pay-per-click campaigns on numerous platforms. Our proven targeting methods allow or customers to keep cost per impressions low, while our conversion rates are way above industry standards.

Our team is dedicated to developing effective paid search campaigns that generate clicks and conversions from users who are actively searching for your services or products. We perform in depth industry specific research & perform through analysis of your competitors ads and keywords before we launch your campaign. Learning from others successes & failures using our back end software, allows us to optimize our clients campaigns yielding them the best results.

Recently, the social media websites like Facebook have begun offering paid ads just like Google does. Twitter and LinkedIn will also be starting very soon.

The advantage of doing PPC on these social media sites is that you can to target a very narrow niche of users based on their demographic profile. This means a higher ROI for every dollar spent.

How do you know that it’s working?

Transparency is very important at Uthrive Marketing, this is why we set-up our campaigns with clients having full back-end access as well. We monitor and measure the performance of all campaigns on a daily basis to make sure it is delivering optimal results for your business. We also follow up with our clients on weekly basis checking in on results & conversion. Our goal is not just to drive thousands of clicks to your site with no feasible return on your spend – or goal is to make sure each paid click results in profits to your businesses bottom line.

Our process in detail

pay-per-click-faqAccount Management – Comprehensive hands-on management based on a custom strategy for your business. Clients are assigned a PPC manager and project manager as well that will be able to provide feedback on and on-going basis.

Keyword Analysis – We carry out a custom analysis of your current website and speak with the business owner to determine the most relevant keywords and phrases to target. Use our award winning software to generate thousands of relevant keywords for your campaigns. Also as part of this analysis we also determine geographical strategies and keyword tweaks for optimal performance.

Competitive Research – We review your competitors’ sites for keywords and differentiation points.  With this data we are able to create the most effective strategy with our efforts.

Copy-writing – Ad copy is crucial! It’s what users will first see in the search engine results. We compose custom ad copy with information, promotions, and intriguing wording to attract the highest rate of clicks & conversions.

Bid Management –  Paying the right amount is one of the most important parts of a successful PPC campaign.

Conversion Tracking Implementation – We will set-up the back-end codes on your ads & site to track conversions. Our tracking methods will also track phones calls from each PPC ad & campaign.

Budget Management – Management of your budget is ongoing, as we constantly maximize clicks, and deliver the highest possible ROI from your investment.

Click Through Rate Management – Done by ensuring that the number of clicks vs. impressions remains high. Doing this will not only insure better results, but will also reduce the bid requirements charged by the ad providers for each campaign.

Landing Page Management – We ensure that the landing page for traffic is optimized for the best possible conversion. If needed, we will design a new landing page just to use with our PPC campaigns.

Reporting & Performance Meetings – We track your campaign on an daily basis, via analytics and other reporting tools. We keep you informed via monthly reporting and phone meetings. We will review the data with you and get your feedback as well. PPC Management is ongoing process & requires consistent edits & changes to ensure ROI are always high.

Our PPC Management packages are affordable & offer services transparency unmatched in the industry! Get in touch with our team today to discuss advertising your business on Search Engines & Social Networks today!

Pay Per Click (PPC)Advantages

ppc-advantagesSmall initial investment
In general, search engines don’t charge anything to insert a PPC advertisement. There’s no fee to set up an account and you only pay each time someone actually clicks on your ad.  It’s like joining a gym and only paying for each pound you lose – who wouldn’t go for that?

Set your own budget
With PPC advertising, you can tailor your budget based on your sales goals and how aggressive you would like to be. This keeps you from wandering over budget or getting in over your head.

PPC advertising levels the playing field
Even if your business is comprised of three people in a basement office (hey, that’s how we started), you can still compete with national chains.

Instant gratification
Okay, we’ve warned you about companies that promise immediate search engine rankings, but PPC is the exception to the rule. Because of the nature of PPC ads, you’ll get top placement right away, assuming you have a quality ad and followed the set-up rules. What’s more, you’ll get results (and we mean sales) more quickly than with organic SEO methods.

Real-time “trackability”
We make sure your PPC campaign stays as effective and efficient as possible by tracking keyword and phrase successes (and failures), which ads bring in the most traffic (and which are duds), conversion rates and more. By doing this, you can be sure that your PPC ads are operating at maximum levels, especially since we can make any necessary changes immediately. Compare this to other forms of advertising, where results can take months to determine and changes can take weeks to implement.

National exposure
Since both Google and Yahoo!, along with their network partners, reach the vast majority of Internet users, placing a PPC ad on one of those engines will ensure your site is getting out there – and we’re talking India, Singapore etc..

Increase local visibility
So maybe you own a gym or a hair salon, or maybe you run a small landscaping company. Even though your clients are going to be exclusively local, PPC is still a worthwhile investment for you. By carefully crafting and targeting your site’s campaign, you can pre-qualify your site’s traffic based on location or other factors to make sure you are driving the right people to your site.

Honest-to-goodness marketing
If your business is new to the market, your site has recently launched or you just want people to know who you are, PPC is for you. PPC ads are posted at the top and right side of search engine results pages – prime real estate on the page..

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